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Consumer Protection Law Research Guide


Treatises and Handbooks


National Consumer Law Center Treatise Collection 

Access the current editions of consumer law treatises published by the National Consumer Law Center including publications on debtors rights, credit and banking, consumer litigation, deception and warranties, and mortgages and foreclosures. 


Consumer Protection and the Law 

A step-by-step guide through all the legal and procedural complexities, covering topics such as consumer protection laws related to advertising, sales practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, consumer fraud, and product warranties. A primary source of reference for attorneys and those professionals involved with modern consumer law.  

Available on Westlaw. Prior edition available in print in the Law Library.  


Consumer Credit and the Law 

Learn how to devise preventive strategies to keep creditors out of court, and get information to use when researching consumer credit cases that actually reach litigation. Written for both those advising creditors and those representing the consumer, this text mirrors the chronological sequence of events in a consumer credit transaction. Coverage includes obtaining credit, Truth-in-Lending disclosures, regulation of the price of credit, debt collection, and the credit consumer's remedies for various problems. A unique appendix, organized by state, provides individual state laws on credit discrimination, credit reporting, holder in due course, and cooling off periods.

Available on Westlaw. Prior edition available in print in the Law Library.  


Internet Marketing and Consumer Protection 

Internet Marketing and Consumer Protection covers Internet marketing laws, data privacy and security regulations, and laws on unfair competition and false advertising including how a consumer's personal information can be gathered and used, when a consumer's personal information may not be disclosed, and all state and federal regulations that govern Internet activities and intellectual property issues.

Available on Westlaw.


Practice Guide to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Regulations 

Provides in-depth coverage of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB), whose creation under the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 stands as one of the most important of the many Dodd-Frank reforms. This publication will assist you in navigating your way through CFPB examinations, investigations, and enforcement actions. Topics include an introduction to the CFPB; its history, structure, and operations; “Federal consumer financial law” for which the CFPB has authority; CFPB examination, investigation and enforcement powers; and enforcement actions by both the CFPB and state agencies.

Available on Westlaw.


Federal Fair Lending and Credit Practices Manual 

Federal Fair Lending and Credit Practices Manual provides easy reference to federal laws regulating fair lending and credit practices for practitioners representing lending institutions and other entities that extend credit to consumers. It gives you timely information and authoritative guidance you need to make sure your institution stays in full compliance - safe from costly penalties. This two-volume manual is organized by the six major federal anti-discrimination and fair credit laws, including: Community Reinvestment Act, Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Housing Act, Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Available on Lexis+.


The Law of Financial Privacy 

Every chapter addresses a particular area of financial privacy law, and tells the user its background, its purpose, what the law covers and what the bank's obligations are under this law.  It provides a practical discussion of the developing federal laws affecting privacy, as well as an overview of the privacy laws and principles at the state and international levels. 

Available on Lexis+.

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