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West Virginia Law and Federal Law Online

Online Sources for West Virginia State Law and Related Federal Law


West Virginia Statutes and Legislative Materials


West Virginia Code
The official text of the West Virginia Code is available through the West Virginia Legislature. A  Personalized Bill Tracking system is available. The system allows users to create lists of bills of particular interest, so they can follow the progress through the legislative process.


West Virginia Legislature
A link to the West Virginia Legislature website.


West Virginia Legislature Bulletin Board
Records of the Legislative Sessions, including the Senate and House Journals.

West Virginia Cases and Court Information

West Virginia Court Structure
An easy-to-read chart of the West Virginia state court structure from the Court Statistics Project
West Virginia Judiciary
Official website of the West Virginia Judiciary.  Find information about the Supreme Court, lower courts, and court administration. 


West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
Official website of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.  Find Opinions, Calendar & Docket, Court Info & History, Staff Directory, Law Library, and more.


West Virginia Court Rules
This site, maintained by the West Virginia Supreme Court, provides links to Rules Governing Administrative Appeals, Rules of Appellate Procedure, West Virginia Trial Court Rules, Rules of Practice and Procedure for Family Court, Rules for Professional Conduct and Rules of Procedure for Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings.


West Virginia Public Defender
Provided as a resource, information, and communication tool for the Public Defenders of West Virginia.


The West Virginia State Bar
The West Virginia State Bar is an agency of the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia.  The West Virginia State Bar serves approximately 9,000 active and inactive, in-state and out-of-state West Virginia licensed attorney. 

West Virginia Administrative Law


West Virginia Code of State Rules 
The administrative code of West Virginia.  Website maintained by the West Virginia Secretary of State. 


West Virginia State Agencies
A searchable directory of West Virginia state agencies.