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HathiTrust Digital Library

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What are collections?

Collections are a way for you to gather related resources together.

  • Make a collection of a specific author, time period, or subject
  • Create a reserve list for a specific course
  • Compare different editions or translations of the same work

Anyone can make a temporary private collection. Log in to make a collection permanent or public.

Searching collections

From the Collections page you can search for a specific collection. Use the search box located just below the "Create a new collection" link, or use the drop down boxes to sort and filter the collections.

To search within a collection simply open the collection (click on the title) and use the "Search in this collection" search bar.

Creating and adding items to collections

Making a collection:

  • Log in with your WVU credentials and password
  • Click on either the "Collections" or "My Collections" link at the very top of the webpage
  • Click on "Create a New Collection"
  • Give your collection a name and description (description is optional) and click "Add"
  • Your collection is made!


Adding to your collection from the search results page:

  • Search for the item(s) you want in your collection using the full-text search (not available in the catalog search)
  • On the search results, check box(es) next to the items you want (you can "select all" if you want)
  • From the drop down menu above the search results choose what collection you want and click "Add Selected"
  • Your selected items are now in your collection!

Adding to your collection from an the individual volume page:

  • Search for the item you want using any type of search (full-text, catalog, etc.)
  • Click on "full view" or "limited search only" to get to the idividual volume
  • On the left, under "Add to collection," choose your desired collection and click "Add"
  • Your item is now in your collection!

Finding collections

  • Go to the Collections Page
  • Change the tab to "all"
  • Type keywords into the collection search box
    • collection list will automatically update to only those with your search term
  • Sort by owner if desired - this will alphabetize the user names