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HathiTrust Digital Library

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Log in instructions

Log in to enable more downloading options and other features!

How to Login

  1. Click on the the Log In button at the top right hand side of the page.
  2. Choose West Virginia University from the drop-down menu and click Continue.
  3. Log in using your WVU credentials.

What are collections?

Collections are a way for you to gather related resources together.

  • Make a collection of a specific author, time period, or subject
  • Create a reserve list for a specific course
  • Compare different editions or translations of the same work

Anyone can make a temporary private collection. Log in to make a collection permanent or public.

Searching collections

From the Collections page you can search for a specific collection. Use the search box located just below the "Create a new collection" link, or use the drop down boxes to sort and filter the collections.

To search within a collection simply open the collection (click on the title) and use the "Search in this collection" search bar.

Creating and adding items to collections

Making a collection:

  • Log in with your WVU credentials and password
  • Click on either the "Collections" or "My Collections" link at the very top of the webpage
  • Click on "Create a New Collection"
  • Give your collection a name and description (description is optional) and click "Add"
  • Your collection is made!


Adding to your collection from the search results page:

  • Search for the item(s) you want in your collection using the full-text search (not available in the catalog search)
  • On the search results, check box(es) next to the items you want (you can "select all" if you want)
  • From the drop down menu above the search results choose what collection you want and click "Add Selected"
  • Your selected items are now in your collection!

Adding to your collection from an the individual volume page:

  • Search for the item you want using any type of search (full-text, catalog, etc.)
  • Click on "full view" or "limited search only" to get to the idividual volume
  • On the left, under "Add to collection," choose your desired collection and click "Add"
  • Your item is now in your collection!

Finding collections

  • Go to the Collections Page
  • Change the tab to "all"
  • Type keywords into the collection search box
    • collection list will automatically update to only those with your search term
  • Sort by owner if desired - this will alphabetize the user names