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MUSIC 771: Identifying Archives and Major Research Centers in North America

Introduction to Library Research and Bibliography

Databases that may help


--choose the item type "Archival Materials"

--leave the item type open and add the keyword [archive*]



--archival material descriptions for institutions in the United States.  Much of the content comes from WorldCat.



--use Boolean operators to focus your search;  example:  (archive* OR research collection*) AND cowboy* AND (songs OR ballads OR music)


Encyclopedia Entries

Check the major articles on your topic for information on research collections and archives.  

Remember that Grove Music, Grove Art, and Garland are geographically oriented.  For example, if you were researching the folk music of Denmark, locate the Grove Music article on Denmark.  Use the table of contents on the left to open the Traditional Music section.  Note the heading for "Collections" and "Research."  If you were researching the Columbian Exposition, locate the Grove Art article on Chicago.  

Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart  (MGG) is not available online, but we have the print volumes in Evansdale Library.  (First translate your keyword(s) to German, then look in the appropriate volume.)  Remember, MGG is organized into two alphabetical series, one for people, the other for subjects.


Encyclopedia of Associations

 Select Encyclopedia of Associations and do a keyword search.  Is there an organization related to your topic?  Do they have a website?  Do they have a library (aka research collection)?

Subject Guide

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