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Genealogy Research: Personal Name Index

This is a guide to conducting genealogical research at the West Virginia and Regional History Center


This index is a compilation of personal names for fifty of our most important books on West Virginia and regional history. The key to this index is located on the blue cards in the front of drawer 1, the “"A" file.  Each personal name entry gives the letter (A-Z or number 1-24) of the book in which the name is mentioned, plus the page number. So, Smith, Adam G:5 means that Adam Smith is listed on page 5 of book G listed on the blue cards. These books are on the open shelves in the Byrd Reading Room. Please note that these fifty books represent a very small portion of the genealogical resources available in the West Virginia and Regional History Collection. This index is intended as only a helping starting point for research. Below is a listing of the books, as well as the call numbers, that correspond to the letters (A-Z) or numbers (1-24) of each personal name entry.