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Advanced Evidence: Researching Dockets and Briefs


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Bloomberg Law



ProQuest Supreme Court Insight


Searching for Briefs on Bloomberg Law 

There are two ways to search for briefs on Bloomberg Law: via an "All Legal Content" search or via a Dockets search.  


All Legal Content Search

From the Bloomberg Law homepage, use the menus on left side of the global search bar to choose "All Content" and then click "Select Sources" to the right.  



In the advanced search box, limit your search to Court Briefs under "U.S. Courts" in combination with any relevant keywords.  


Dockets search 

In a dockets search, switch to the "Find Example Briefs & Motions" tab at the top of the search window.  Choose filing type "Brief" and use the remaining filters in combination with any relevant keywords.  Note that Docket Key is only available for civil, federal, district court cases.  




Searching for Briefs on Westlaw

From the Westlaw homepage, choose "Briefs" under the "Content Types" menu.



Narrow by jurisdiction as necessary, then open the advanced search template.



Use document fields to search for types of briefs such as "amicus" under "Document Type (DT)".



Searching for Briefs on Lexis+

From the Lexis+ homepage, "Briefs, Pleadings & Motions" in the content menu. 



Choose either to search all briefs under the "Content Type" menu, or choose a jurisdiction: federal or state. 



Use the Document Segments/Fields in the advanced search for to narrow by type of document in the "Title" field. 




Searching for Briefs on ProQuest Supreme Court Insight 

From the Law Library's Legal Databases page, find ProQuest Supreme Court Insight.



From the ProQuest homepage, limit your search to briefs. 



In the advanced search form use the available filters to limit your search further.  Specifically, your search may be filtered by the filing party or type of brief, including amicus curiae.