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Zotero and Juris-M for Legal Research

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Add materials to your Zotero/Juris-M library either by the browser extension or manually in the desktop or web app. Examples follow: 

When viewing a law review article on HeinOnline, click the Juris-M browser extension to save to your library.  The extension displays an icon matching the format of the source you are viewing at the time.  In this case, an article.




Save the article to a library or collection: 



The browser extension and desktop or web app then syncs to save your source along with metadata describing your source: 


The Juris-M browser extension also works with legal research databases like Westlaw.  When viewing a case on Westlaw the browser extension displays a scale icon.  




And saves metadata unique to cases such as the court and the components of the reporter citation. 




Note that saving sources while working with specialize research platforms like Westlaw and Lexis can be inconsistent.  For some sources, the browser extension will only recognize the source as a website.  In this case, you may save the source and then update the source type in the desktop or web app.  


Add a source manually (without the browser extension) by clicking the green icon with the plus symbol and choose the source type.  Fill in the metadata including a link to the source or uploading a document.