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Ask A Librarian

Managing a Professional Online Presence

Step 2: Get Creative!

Create a personal brand

  • Create your personal brand and professional persona online. 
  • Create a presence in social media that is strictly professional.  Join LinkedIn if you haven’t yet or revamp your profile as a future attorney.  Create a twitter account, blog or other platform dedicated to convey the appropriate message about your professional interests and aspirations.


Create professional content

  • Create content that contributes to your designed professional image and avoids the pitfalls for sharing your personal life online.  
  • Take this chance to showcase your academic and professional interests.  Show prospective employers that you have a valuable contribution to make in your desired field.


Create a personal website or e-portfolio

  • Create a destination online for your professional connections rather than rely on other content online to represent you and and your work.  An e-portfolio done well will outrank all the other content in the google search results.
  • Get started by featuring your current resume, your best academic work and a statement about your professional aspirations.


Create a strong LinkedIn Profile