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Ask A Librarian

Systematic Reviews

This is a guide to understanding systematic reviews and other evidence synthesis methods. Links to resources and information about the Libraries' Systematic Review Service is included.

A Good Place to Start

It is considered best practice when conducting a systematic review to have a librarian on your review team. Our Systematic Review Service Librarians are experienced at creating search strategies and manipulating databases, which is where you will be gathering data for your study. We can assist you in several ways. 

Consultation Level Coauthor Level*

In the consultant capacity, a librarian can help you

  • Focus your research question
  • Recommend an appropriate type of review for your question
  • Recommend places to search (databases or grey literature)
  • Provide training on how to search a specific database
  • Identify search concepts
  • Suggest appropriate protocol registries

This level of assistance is available for WVU faculty, staff, and graduate students. 

In the coauthor capacity, a librarian can help you

  • Assist with protocol development and registry
  • Develop the search strategy and translate the search across databases
  • Deliver deduplicated citation information from the search
  • Assist with the writing process as requested

This level of assistance is available for WVU faculty. 

*Coauthor level assistance requires a signed Memorandum of Understanding. 


*We are not accepting new Coauthor Level requests at this time. Please check back later if this level of assistance still interests you. 

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about how a librarian can collaborate on your review project or have questions about how to conduct a systematic review in general, please fill out this form. Once submitted, a librarian will reach out to you about your review project within several business days.