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Zotero - A Citation Manager: Zotero with FireFox Version

The Research Guide describing Zotero - its funcationality, usability, and sustainability

Zotero Versatility

Zotero is available for PC or MAC devices.

Download the version that is RIGHT for YOU.

Not Sure Which Version is Right for You.

Click Here for Additional Information.


Word Plug-Ins allow you to insert citations and bibliographies directly into your documents.  

While it is not required for you to download these life-saving steps, it is highly recommended.


If you are using the Zotero StandAlone version, it is not necessary to download these plug-ins in MS-Word, they are included.

If you are using FireFox, you will be asked to "Allow" and "Install."

Zotero for FireFox

Zotero for Firefox lets you capture and organize all your research without ever leaving the browser.


FireFox Instructions

Click Here for a "How to Install VIDEO" 


If you have successfully installed Zotero as an extension on FoxFire, you will see this in the toolbar...