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Ask A Librarian

Graphic Novels: Links and Selection Guidelines

Finding and researching graphic novels

Selection Guidelines

The WVU Librarians consider the following factors when evaluating graphic novels for our collection:

  • Popularity. Top-selling titles for mature readers.
  • Tie-ins to the WVU curriculum.
  • Tie-ins to TV shows, movies, and classic Literature.
  • Age level, target audience, and general suitability.
  • Genre. Super-hero and fantasy titles are popular but we collect science fiction, humor, realistic fiction, and other styles.
  • Writing quality, including originality of plot and characters, overall appeal, character development, dialogue, and pacing.
  • Artistic quality, including layout, dramatic impact, storytelling flow, drawing skill, coloring (where relevant), and lettering.
  • Reputation of writers and artists, many of whom have strong fan followings.
  • Awards and recognition received. Major industry awards include the Eisner, Harvey, and Kirby awards. The Comics Buyer's Guide Fan Awards is a significant annual fan award.
  • Reputation of publisher.