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Microforms in the Downtown Library: ScanPro 2000

Guide to using microforms on the second floor of the WVU Downtown Library

ScanPro 2000

ScanPro 2000 guide for all microforms

The ScanPro 2000 allows the viewing and scanning of all microform types we house.  Images can be scanned and saved to the My Scans folder on the desktop or sent as a print job to the PHAROS printer.

  • Turn on the ScanPro 2000 machine, the switch is located in the back of the machine.
  • Log on to the computer.The ScanPro software starts automatically if the machine is on.
  • Select the type of microform you will be using by clicking on the image.
  • You will see four tabs:
    • Home
    • Adjust
    • Output
    • Setup (for the administrator and requires a password to access the setup features)

Once the screen is opened for your type of microform, you can easily find out what each button is for by clicking the help button and the button or anything else you want to know about.

To start:

  • Center the tray between the casing sides on which the microfilm take up rods are mounted.
  • Pull the tray all the way forward so that the top glass rises. This must be for all microforms.
  • If there isn’t an image, click the Auto Adjust. This should allow the image to show.

 MICROFILM 16 or 35mm

  • Place the microfilm on the empty rod so that the microfilm goes over the top.
  • Thread the film down under the 1st roller, up and over the second roller, across the bottom glass plate so that it will be between the 2 plates, over the 3rd roller, and under the last roller. Take the film up to the inside of the Take-Up Reel and place it in the slot provided. Turn the reel a couple of times to secure the film. IF YOU NEED A DIAGRAM: ONCE THE SOFTWARE IS LOADED AND THE TRAY PULLED OUT, PLACE THE CURSOR OVER THE Motorized Roll Film Control BOX AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THE MACHINE AND A DIAGRAM WILL APPEARE ABOVE IT.
  • Use the Motorized Roll Film Control sliding bar to move the film forward and reverse. The center controls for Fast Forward and Fast Reverse can be used as well. The glass is in the down position and the High Speed buttons and the Rewind is grayed out. To unlock these, pull the tray out so that the glass is elevated. This prevents damage to the microfilm.

film directions


For microfiche and ultra fiche, place the fiche between the glass plates face down.  There is a built in lens that will zoom in enough to view ultra-fiche.


Place the card between the glass plates face up. If using the larger print cards, read one half and then turn it around and read the other half. You can use the function buttons in the Adjust tab to turn the image around.

Once you are ready, go to the Output tab. Here you can select to scan the images you want to a drive or to the printer as a print job. It will go to the PHAROS printer.