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Data Repositories and Sources


Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research

Search ICPSR:


Search ICPSR

To perform a basic search for studies in ICPSR, use the search box on the home page. You can simply search ICPSR using keywords. For instance "voting behavior".


View Entire Collection of Studies

Click on View All to see all 15,000+ studies available in ICPSR.


Types of Search Results

Change the types of resources your see on your results page.


Access the full data set of a study.


Searches the variables in all data sets. Clicking on this tab will show you the name of the variable, the label for the variable, the type of variable it is, and the study that it was derived from. If you would like to further refine your results you can do so using the filter options on the left hand side.


View data sets over a period of time.

Data-related Publications

Shows any publications that used data sets from an ICPSR study.


Refine your results

Limits your result page.

Subject terms

Use the ICPSR subject controlled vocabulary.

Restriction Type

Limit the results to either Public Use or Restricted data.

Data Type

Limit the results to the format requirement of the statistical software program you are using (i.e. SPSS).

Time Method and Collection Method

How the data was collected.

Access Data Sets:

To access the data, simply click on the title of the study you are interested in. This will take you to the record page for the study. From here you get information about the study including the scope of the project, investigators, funding agency, how to cite the study, variables that were used, and any publication that used the data.


Download Data

You can download the data using the Download dropdown or the Data & Documentation tab. This will give your the available formats for the the data set as well as the codebook.

Note: You will need to have an account created with your WVU credentials to download data sets.


Project Description

Get overall information about the study as well and the citation and an available option to download the RIS for a citation manager.


Scope of the Project

See the date ranges in which the data was collected.



View information about how the study was designed, what it was studying, samples size, time method, unite measurements, how data was collected, and response rates.


Data-related Publications

See articles that have been published that used the data set.

Browse Studies

In addition to being able to search for studies and variables, you can also browse through the studies based on what you are trying to find.