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Ask A Librarian

PHAR 753 - Social and Behavioral Theory Health Outcomes Research


  • Scopus is a huge multidisciplinary database with citations and abstracts from peer-reviewed journal literature, trade journals, books, patent records, and conference publications. It is one of the largest scholarly literature databases.
  • Scopus allows you to do cited reference searching, so you can see what the author cited in their article, and what articles have cited that particular article.
  • Create an account in Scopus to save and edit searches, lists of references and create alerts.

Scopus Advanced Searching Tips


  • Scopus does NOT use a controlled vocabulary (assigned subject headings), HOWEVER MeSH and Emtree (Embase subject headings) terms are listed for articles that have them, and can be searched as keywords
  • Use the title, abstract, keyword search field code for your keyword searches ie. TITLE-ABS-KEY(polypharmacy)
  • Look in your target articles for Emtree terms as other possible keywords.
  • Use a ? to truncate a single letter in a word, i.e. wom?n would return woman or women
  • Use a * to truncate for multiple letters, i.e. computer* would return computer, computers, computerization…
  • Use the Search History to combine previous searches