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Scholarly Metrics: Tools for Authors

This guide will help faculty trace the impact of their articles as well as the impact of journals by title.

Tips for Promoting Your Research

An Example

Here's an example of how wildly different the numbers can be. The search is for "Sinn RN" as author.

Scopus Web of Science Harzing
# papers  3 33  5
times cited 13  0 26
h-index  3  0  3

Publish or Perish by Harzing

Publish or Perish is freeware, created by an Australian academic to help her with her own research portfolio. You must download the software onto your computer. Publish or Perish searches Google Scholar and calculates a number of metrics that include:

  • total papers
  • times cited
  • h-index
  • g-index
  • cites/paper.

Dr. Harzing's web site offers links to interesting articles about how to use and interpret these numbers.

Visibility for Your Research - from Altmetric


ResearcherID is based on the Thomson Reuters suite of databases, Web of Knowledge. ResearcherID is freely available, but you must register to create an account. In your ResearcherID account you can

  • create a list of articles indexed by Web of Science
  • track performance measures like times cited and h-index
  • list your previous institutions

ResearcherID incorporates EndNote Web, which allows you to import article citations that aren't indexed by Web of Science. Articles added in this fashion won't be incorporated into your times cited or h-index. ResearcherID provides you with a permanent URL which you can distribute.


ORCID, Open Researcher & Contributor ID, is a non-profit group trying to solve the author disambiguation problem. They hope to create a researcher registry that will use the linking power of the Internet to uniquely identify authors and contributors.

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