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Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics

Getting Started

PubMed is a bibliographic database that lets you search millions of journal citations and abstracts in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, allied health and preclinical sciences. 

Limits / Advanced Search

The Limits feature allow you to apply different criteria to enhance your search from the results page.  You can limit by:

  • Publication Date
  • Type of Article
  • Language
  • Species
  • Gender 
  • Age 

Advanced Search allows you to build more complicated search strings using Search Builder or to combine previous searches in your Search History. To use the Search Builder select the field where you want to search for your term and then type the term in the box.  Select the Boolean operator (AND, OR, NOT) that you want to use to connect the terms, which will then send it to the search box.  Click Search to retrieve your results.

Obtaining Articles

Look for the the Find it @ WVU Libraries button in each article to access the full text or to request the article from Inter Library Loan.

More Help with PubMed

Need more help with PubMed?  Contact Anna or use the chat box on this page.