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Ask A Librarian

Library Updates: Spring 2021

Library Streaming and Ebook Resources

Don’t forget library resources! The library has robust ebook and streaming video.  Here are some top resources.  More are available on the Databases page.

Keep Up with the News


The Libraries provide free New York Times subscriptions for the WVU campus community. Click on the link to activate your access and get a year-long pass.These subscriptions can be renewed for free after one year.


The Libraries and the John Chambers School for Business and Economics provide free Wall Street Journal subscriptions for the WVU campus community. Click on the link to activate your access and get a year-long pass. These subscriptions can be renewed for free after one year.


The Libraries provide free Chronicle of Higher Education subscriptions for the WVU campus community.  Click on the following link to activate your access and get a year-long pass.

Keep Up with Academic Press

Browzine allows you to keep up with academic press that the WVU library provides access to on your computer or smart device. One of the great things about Browzine is that you can place your favorite journals on your own personalized shelf and get notification of new and pre-press printings. To do so, log in to Browzine and click on the settings link in the top right hand corner.  After that you can add any journal that you find to your bookshelf.

Find Resources or Request Library Materials

If you have a question, we have experts

Subject Librarians

Especially in this time, feel free to contact your dedicated SUBJECT LIBRARIAN who can support your academic and research pursuits.

Research Guides

Want to get an overview of the best resources to use for your area of study or for your course? Check out our expertly curated research guides, where librarians for WVU put together a list of suggested resources for you.

Schedule a Consultation

Just because we cannot meet in person doesn't mean you cannot have a consultation. We have several technologies that we can use to work on your research project with you.

Python Consultations

The WVU Office of research is hosting Python Consultations online. For more information contact Nick Frazee by email at  

12-2 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Finding Internet Access

The WV Library Commission has a great resource  that's tracking free Wifi options throughout the state.

Browser Extensions that Help You Access Materials

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that provides single click access to library content from publisher websites, PubMed, Wikipedia and more. Simply install it via the Libkey website, click on the extension, select West Virginia University as the institution and you are all set.


Unpaywall is a browser extension that can help you to locate full-text articles from open-access sources all over the world. The content is harvested from legal sources including repositories run by universities, governments, and scholarly societies, as well as open content hosted by publishers themselves.

Library Instruction for Your Classes


 Library instruction will be available in the fall in a number of formats, and your subject librarian looks forward to working with you to develop ways to help students become information literate.

To arrange a session, contact your subject liaison or fill out our instruction request form.