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Pantry Cooking During COVID-19

Home Cooking for Dummies

Home Cooking for Dummies in the Age of COVID:  Chefs and restaurant pros provide a 101-style crash course

Many are scrambling to learn how to cookThey didn't know how to cook before the pandemic.



The Upside

Social distancing means shopping less or at any rate less frequently. It means your ingredients are your ingredients. There’s no following recipes strictly now.

This is most excellent news for your cooking. I may hawk recipes for a living, but I think it’s true. There are rules to follow, of course: how to roast or steam or fry; how ingredients interact. But when recipes become a prompt instead of a list of instructions, your pathways to the delicious increase in width and number. So does your confidence in the kitchen. Can’t make X because you don’t have Y? What might you use instead? How might you do it instead? Build the hack. Revel in your success.  

-Sam Sifton, NY Times "Beyond Recipes".  April 22, 2020.