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Geography/Geology 455 (Remote Sensing): Find Articles by Topic

Information resources to support Dr. Tim Warner's Geography/Geology 455 (Remote Sensing) class.

databases to find articles

Remote sensing can be used for research in a variety of disciplines, so you will need to use a variety of subject area databases.  Below are some recommended databases. 

scholarly vs popular

Articles in scholarly journals

Are written by professors or researchers (look for a university or laboratory affiliation in the article)
Have abstracts and reference lists
Have a specialized format (often consisting of an introduction, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusions)
Use discipline-specific language
Examples: Nature, American Arachnology, Bulletin of Entomological Research

Articles in popular magazines

Are written by journalists
Rarely have abstracts and reference lists
Don't follow a specialized format
Use language understandable by the general public
Examples:  Time, Smithsonian, Science News

visting from off campus?

From off-campus locations, you will be prompted to enter a username and password when you select a resource.  The URL will have in it.  If not, then you are on a publisher page and your WVU logon won't work.

  • Username =  WVU logon user name which is usually the same as your Mix name.  Check UserName.

WVU Logon Help.