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Microforms in the Downtown Library: Microfiche

Guide to using microforms on the second floor of the WVU Downtown Campus Library



Microfiche is first in the long rows of cabinets following the microfilm. It starts at the top left drawer. For safety, only one drawer in a column will open at a time. If a drawer will not open, try your strength because they are heavy. If it is really stuck, be sure that all the other drawers in that column are pushed all the way in.

The Periodical Microfiche is in its own cabinet before the Downtown Microfiche.

film cabinet 

 When you open a drawer and look down at it, the contents of each drawer begins in the lower left corner and proceeds forward (front to back) by designation. For example, date, number, call number, title, or Superintendent of Documents (sudoc) number.

fiche cabinet 

fiche cabinet

When that row concludes the numbering picks up at the front of the drawer in the next row to the right and continues to the back. The next drawer below it continues this pattern. The arrangement proceeds to the right and then snakes around the cabinets in an “S” shape.   

 As you remove a fiche or card, it is kind to leave a colored card in its place. The person refiling it will thank you. There are colored cards on top of the cabinets for this purpose.

please do not reshelve sign






Microfiche in use