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Mathematics Resources: Citation Analysis

This guide brings together many library resources used in research in mathematics

Citation Searching

Citation searching allows you to:

  • Go forward in time with the topic by looking at articles citing a key article. 
  • Go back in time with the topic when you read articles cited in the key article. 
  • See the importance of the key article by seeing how many times it has been cited.
  • See chronological peaks and valleys for the topic of the key article by looking at the dates it has been cited.
  • Identify institutions and geographic locations for the topic through an examination of who is citing the key article.

Citation searching goes beyond finding papers on your topic; it is a means of finding related information and of evaluating the importance of a single article. 

Use the Web of Science for Citation Searching


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Journal Impact Factor

Use Journal Citation Reports to determine the impact factor of a journal. You can view the rank of journals by subject, by a specific title, or view all journals.

Sources for Article Citation Searching

Use these databases to find out how many times an work was cited and who cited the work.