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Research Guide to Islamic Studies: Home

Here you will find gateways to books, databases, films, and other resources for studying Islam, the Arabic Language, and Middle Eastern Studies

Featured Resource: Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Oxford Islamic Studies Online (OISO) is a unique, authoritative reference website designed to foster a more informed understanding of the Islamic world.

The need for such a site has continued to grow in the past decade. Our world is connected in more ways than ever—through communications technology, social media, immigration, and popular culture—and yet Islam remains a profoundly misunderstood religion. Moreover, our government policies regarding the Islamic world, the rapid growth of the American Muslim population, and the changing political landscape brought on by the Arab Spring, require us to be better informed and more open to dialogue.

The site is, first and foremost, a reference center, with over 5,000 articles from a number of sources. Among these is:

  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World, the definitive reference work on the topic that continues to grow in the form of spinoff titles, including
    • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women
    • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics
    • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Law

Other features include:

  • The Oxford Dictionary of Islam: providing brief, cross-referenced articles on over 2,000 topics 
  • A Verse Lookup tool (at the top of every page) that enables you to compare two English interpretations of the Qur’an: The Qur’an, by Haleemand The Koran Interpreted, by Arberry 
  • The first and only electronic version of A Concordance of the Qur’an by Hanna Kassis 
  • What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam (Second Edition), a guide to the most common questions people ask about the beliefs and practices of the Muslim faith 
  • Learning resources, including Thematic Guides, Lesson Plans, and Teaching Islam 
  • “Focus On” articles, designed to stimulate thought and enhance understanding of the Islamic world 
  • A new and growing section on the Arab Spring 
  • Interviews with major scholars, religious leaders, and activists 
  • Hundreds of images and maps, including a section devoted to the geography of the Islamic world 
  • A timeline of major events since the founding of Islam 

Please help us keep this resource:

If you use the database, please be sure to drop a note to the WVU Libraries' eResources Committee who can promote the Libraries continuing to subscribe to this scholarly resource.

Please contact the eResources Committee and tell them what you think by sending email to:

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