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Forensics Research Guide: Cite Your Sources

This guide provides links to online WVU Library resources and instructions for research in the area of forensic science. It also covers the International Association for Identification Collection.

Find the CSE Style Guide (Print)

The CSE style guide (7th edition) can be found in the Downtown Campus Library Reference Collection and in the Evansdale Library book collection under the call number T11 .S386 2006.

About the CSE Style Manual

The CSE style offers three documentation systems.  Make a choice based upon the requirements from your professor, the discipline, or the journal for which you are writing. We will concentrate on the Name-Year system which is used in forensic sciences.

  • Name-Year (N-Y)
  • Citation-Sequence (C-S)
  • Citation-Name (C-N)

If you are using a bibliographic management program such as RefWorks or EndNote Web, you can choose which one of the above to use.

Importance of Citing Properly

Two major reasons why citing correctly is so important:

1.  Avoid plagiarism.  Give proper credit/attribution to someone else's ideas.

2.  Give your reader enough information to be able to locate what you have cited. 

Brief Guides to CSE Style

Printable brief guides to CSE style, Name-Year (N-Y). 

Online CSE Guides

The following web pages demonstrate the use of the Name-Year (N-Y) system.