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Film and Video Guide: Film on eReserves and Reserves

Finding video in the library and finding film reviews in databases and on the web.

Students: Access Films on eReserves or Reserves

To access materials your instructors have placed on eReserves, go to the Course Reserves page and log in using your WVULogin username and password.

  • A list of your courses with materials on reserve will appear. Select the course you need.
  • A list of materials on Reserve for that class will appear.
  • If you have electronic resources (documents or films) on reserve for that class, select them to follow the link and access the material. 
  • If you have a film that has been convertd to streaming video in MediaSite, you may need to sign in once more to Mediasite using your WVU Login username and password again.
  • Films on MediaSite may take a couple of minutes to load. Please be patient.
  • If an instructor has placed a DVD on Reserve it will be behind the Access Services Desk. You will need to visit the library to view it. Items on Reserve cannot leave the building. 
  • You will also need your WVU ID to check out the item. You may want to Reserve a Viewing Room online to view the DVD. Be sure to do this well ahead of time. You can also check out a laptop with a disc drive and headphones to watch the DVD.

Instructors: Place Film on eReserves or Reserves

Instructors can place films on eReserves or Reserves for their students.

The library can transfer DVDs or VHS tapes to streaming video and these can be accessed by students any where they have access to the internet. They must sign in to eReserves using their WVU Login username and password.

DVDs can be placed on Reserve behind the Access Service Desk and students can take the DVDs out for in-library-use only. They will need their WVU ID Card to take out films from behind the desk to watch in the library. They can reserve a small viewing room or watch a DVD with headphones (checked out from Multimedia Services) on a library laptop.

If you wish to use material that the library owns on a VHS tape, please contact the Media Librarian, We would like to try to purchase the DVD if the material is still in demand. 

Please consider that you may only need to use a portion of a film to make a point. You needn't automatically have the students watch an entire film. We can digitize clips from films for you to place on eReserves, thus saving time and possibly allowing for more examples and less wasted class time.

Instructors can access their Reserve pages and materials by signing in at the Course Reserves Site.

Please consult the documentation on the Course Reserves site: