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MDS 389: Interdisciplinary Research Methods

Library resources to support students conducting interdisciplinary research

Skills and Purpose

The Basics

  • Determine your selection criteria
    • Clarify your scope and core topics 
    • Find sources that define and justify your work
    • Scope is related to the constraints of time and resources
  • Collect your sources and organize your work
    • Use a bibliographic manager
    • Literature Reviews can be organized in several ways. Consider what is most significant in your findings. For example: chronology, theme, or method. 
  • Process and write about your sources to:
    • Synthesize and evaluate
    • Identify and shed light on gaps in the literature / research
      • identify new interpretations
      • resolve conflicts in contradictory studies
      • avoid duplication of effort - yet be open to confirmation and building
      • point the way forward for future research projects
    • Connect the literature to your project 
    • Place your work in the context of existing research