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Zotero - A Citation Manager: Zotero Functionality

The Research Guide describing Zotero - its funcationality, usability, and sustainability


Options, Options Every Where...

Be BOLD Explorers!

Get an App!

The mobile version of allows you to access and edit your Zotero library on your tablet or mobile phone.

The ZoteroBookmarklet allows you to save items from your mobile device's browser directly to your account.

Browzine, PaperShip, and Android offer third party solutions, since there is not a dedicated Zotero App.  Check them out HERE.

Add More Styles

Zotero comes with the most common bibliographic styles, but many more are available to download.

To install a style (Firefox):

  1. Go to the Zotero Style Repository page in Firefox.
  2. Search for the name of the style you need.
  3. Click the Install link next to the style, then the Install button to confirm.
To install a style (Zotero Standalone):
  1. Go to the Zotero Style Repository page in Firefox.
  2. Search for the name of the style you need.
  3. Download the style (right-click the Install link and choose Save As).
  4. Open Zotero preferences. Click Cite, then Styles, then the "+" button, and select the style you downloaded (a .CSL file).

The new style will appear in Zotero's style lists.

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Various Boxes throughout this Research Guide were created using the website.

Avoid the Paywalls

  1.  Select the settings cog wheel and click on “preferences”




  1. In Preferences, click on the “Advanced” icon.
  2. In the Open URL, input the URL for “FindIT@WVLibraries” in the OpenURL Resolver box
  3. The URL is

Back IT Up!

When you install Zotero, a folder is created to store attachments locally on your computer.

To find your Zotero file storage folder,

  1. go to the Advanced tab of your Zotero preferences.
  2. Select "Files and Folders"  
  3. Click "Show Data Directory."


This will show you where that folder is located on your computer. Be sure to include this folder when performing your computer backups!



Storage Options

Zotero File Storage is a cloud-based syncing and storage solution for PDFs, images, web snapshots, and any other files attached to your Zotero libraries. Zotero File Storage synchronizes the files in your personal Zotero library to all your computers, allows you to share the files in your group libraries, and makes files available through the website.

Each Zotero user is given 300 MB of free Zotero File Storage, with larger storage plans available for purchase. To check your current usage and/or sign up for additional storage, visit the storage settings of your Zotero account. You can then configure your storage settings through your Zotero client's Sync preferences.


Select the options that are BEST for You!

Share Libraries

With groups, you collaborate remotely with project members, set up web-based bibliographies for classes you teach, and so much more.

  • Share your own work or sources you have discovered with others who are working in related areas.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, publicly or privately, on ongoing research.
  • Discover other people with similar interests and the sources they are citing.


Click Here to Create A New Group

Click Here to Search for an Existing Group