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Citation Managers: An Overview

This research guide is being created to answer the most commonly asked questions and to allow you adequate time to transition your citations to another manager.

How Can I Get It?

Simply go to the Mendeley webpage.

A Mendeley Account can be created on your MAC or PC

What is Mendeley?

Researchers that use Mendeley can:

  • Build a searchable library that makes it easy to find, read and cite papers

  • Upload your data to a secure online location for easy access and sharing

  • Discuss current topics and collaborate with fellow researchers worldwide

Organize, read and annotate documents in one place

Ok! I'm Set. Now What?

This two-minute tutorial highlights the import features of Mendeley 

Additional Resources

For Additional Help Click on the Links Below...

The Mendeley Start Guides

Additional Tutorials

Troubleshooting and Support