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#CharlestonSyllabus Research Guide

A curated guide on racial violence and race relations in the US based on readings compiled by African-American scholars following the devastating events of June 2015 in Charleston, SC.

General Overviews

Gayraud S. Wilmore, Black Religion and Black Radicalism: An Interpretation of the Religious History of African Americans (1963)

Marcus Garvey and Amy Jacques Garvey, The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey (1967)

Charles Wesley, Richard Allen: Apostle of Freedom (1969)

Carol V. R. George, Segregated Sabbaths: Richard Allen and the Emergence of Independent Black Churches, 1760-1840 (1973)

William R. Jones, Is God A White Racist?: A Preamble to Black Theology (1973)

Albert Raboteau, Slave Religion: The Invisible Institution in the Antebellum South (1978)

Leonardo Boff and Clodovis Boff, Introducing Liberation Theology (1987)

James Campbell, Songs of Zion: The African Methodist Church in the United States and South Africa (1995)

Howard Thurman, Jesus and the Disinherited (1996)

Allan D. Austin, African Muslims in Antebellum America: Transatlantic Stories and Spiritual Struggles (1997)

Paul Harvey, Redeeming the South: Religious Cultures and Racial Identities Among Southern Baptists, 1865-1925 (1997)

Eddie Glaude, Jr., Exodus! Religion, Race and Nation in Early 19th Century Black America (2000)

Albert Raboteau, Canaan Land: A Religious History of African Americans (2001)

Jason R. Young, Rituals of Resistance: African Atlantic Religion in Kongo and the Lowcountry South in the Era of Slavery (2007)

Karla Holloway, Passed On: African American Mourning Stories (2002)

Richard Newman, Freedom’s Prophet: Bishop Richard Allen, the AME Church, and the Black Founding Fathers (2008)

Charles Irons, Origins of Proslavery Christianity: White and Black Evangelicals in Colonial and Antebellum Virginia (2008)

J. Kameron Carter, Race: A Theological Account (2008)

Charles Reagan Wilson, Baptized in Blood: The Religion of the Lost Cause, 1865-1920 (2009)

George C. Rable, God’s Almost Chosen Peoples: A Religious History of the American Civil War (2010)

Willie James Jennings, The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race (2010)

James H. Cone, The Cross and the Lynching Tree (2011)

Rebecca Anne Goetz, The Baptism of Early Virginia: How Christianity Created Race (2012)

Edward J. Blum, The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America (2012)