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BCOR 299: Business Communication (Walker)

This guide is designed to help students in Brian Walker's section of BCOR 299 find resources for their class assignments.

Where do I start?

For this assignment, you've been asked to develop a short presentation on a particular business topic. Once your instructor assigns those topics, your first step should be to learn all you can about it. 
That may mean researching a company, a specific person, or a series of events. 

Check out the resources listed below to find a wide variety of business-related publications covering all the latest news and events. 

If you have trouble finding information, please let us know! 

Potential Topics:

Other Potential Topics

  • NFL Scandals: "deflategate"
    • concussions (rule changes to protect players)
    • Roger Goodell - problems with image and abilities
    • Atlanta Falcons penalized last year for arificially pumping crowd noise into the stadium
    • Los Angeles-St. Louis Rams move
    • Various domestic assault cases
  • FIFA scandals
  • WVU relocating WV Tech from Montgomery to Beckley. (Montgomery claims they have a million dollar bond debt based on a sewer upgrade to accommodate WV Tech, and if Tech relocates, the city will be left with the debt and the city could go bankrupt).
  • Wal-Mart-closing 154 stores nationally leaving many areas without any stores at all
  • McDonalds's-healthy food options, for example, kale salad has more calories, fat, and sodium than a Big Mac
  • Takata recall and impact on auto industry


Researching Business Topics