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Theatre 221: Makeup: Information on Historical Periods through Databases

Useful resources for Theatre Make-Up

Finding Historical Images

Whether you choose to look for historical images online or in a print source, you always have to have search terms to begin with. The Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History is a great way to visualize the entire span of history by time period and/or geographical region and identify period names:

  • China, 1368-1644 CE = Ming Dynasty  
  • France, 1589-1792 CE = Bourbon rule, Baroque, Neoclassicism


Using the Libraries' Databases

Images in Books

While photography wasn't invented until the 1830s, we have primary image sources from earlier centuries through artworks.  These are most easily accessed either online reproductions or book reproductions.  Art books are classed in the N call number section:

  • NA architecture
  • NB sculpture
  • NC drawing - design - illustration
  • ND painting 
  • NE print media
  • NK decorative arts
  • NX arts in general

Use the Library Catalog to search for books on a specific style period.  Keep your search terms concise and consider combining keywords with subject words for more focused results.

kw:elizabethan su:painting 

kw:portraiture su:france

kw:cosmetics su:history