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Theatre 221: Makeup: Information on Historical Periods through Books

Useful resources for Theatre Make-Up

Finding Historical Images

Whether you choose to look for historical images online or in a print source, you always have to have search terms to begin with. The Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History is a great way to visualize the entire span of history by time period and/or geographical region and identify period names:

  • China, 1368-1644 CE = Ming Dynasty  
  • France, 1589-1792 CE = Bourbon rule, Baroque, Neoclassicism


Find Books @ WVU Libraries with WorldCat

Search for Books at WVU Libraries and Beyond!

Find your book:  Maps, Call Numbers, and Subject Locations  

Finding Historical Images through Library Books

Start with the WVU Libraries catalog WorldCat or use the WorldCat box just above.  

To focus on clothing and fashion search:                                                 Other suggested search terms:              

“clothing and dress” and [country or time period]            portraits and [country or time period]     

Notice that on the left you can limit to Print Books (37) or eBooks (14).  Clicking on the title of a print book will give you the library location and call number.  Clicking on the title of an ebook will give you access to the full content.

Are you looking for more general information?  Try:  

"social conditions" and [place] and [time period]