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CSE (Council of Science Editors) Style Guide: D. Map

Brief Guides to CSE Style

Printable brief guides to CSE style, Name-Year (N-Y). 


The general format and example below refers to maps published as independent sheets.

The cartographer is listed in place of an author, followed by [, cartographer], and information on the map type is listed after the title, e.g., [topographic map].

If it is relevant, include a brief physical description of the map: the number of sheets, size, color or black and white, and scale.

General Format

In-Text Citation:
(Cartographer date)

Reference List:
Author(s) AA, cartographer(s). Date. Title of map [map type]. Place of publication (State or Province): publisher. Physical description.


In-Text Citation:
(Doyon and Donovan 1992)

Reference List:
Doyon R, Donovan T, cartographers. 1992. AIDS in Massachusetts, 1985-1991 [demographic map]. Amherst (MA): University of Massachusetts, Department of Geology & Geography.

Online CSE Guides

The following web pages demonstrate the use of the Name-Year (N-Y) system.