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English 303: Multimedia Writing: More copyright information

Copyright and multimedia for eBook writing

Fair use court cases

The Stanford University Copyright & Fair Use website has an entire page with examples of court cases involving fair use

Court cases that ruled in favor of fair use:

Rotbart v. J. R. O'Dwyer Co.

Nunez v. Caribbean International News Corp.

Court cases that ruled against fair use:

Religious Technology Center v. Lerma

Worldwide Church of God v. Philadelphia Church of God

Video parodies

A Fair(y) Use Tale - An explanation of copyright law using clips from Disney films.

Interesting copyright cases

JibJab and "This Land is Your Land"

George Harrison "My Sweet Lord" case  -  Excellent explanation of this widely known case

Happy Birthday to You  - It IS covered by copyright!

It's a Wonderful Life  -  This movie was in the public domain but is now back under copyright protection

Fair use and media

The Center for Social Media at American University has put together a very good video, entitled "Fair Use is Your Friend", discussing fair use rights and media