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Active Learning & Technology: Using streaming media and multimedia in the classroom: Multimedia project examples

Why Multimedia?

  • requires students to express their ideas concisely.

  • appeals to visual learners.

  • allows students to share their work with their classmates.

  • increases quality of work.  Students are more likely to spend time on a project, if they know that their classmates will see it or that it will be available online.

  • allows students to combine academic skills with creative ones. 

Multimedia Assignments

Websites with examples of student class assignments at other universities:

Examples of completed assignments

From the University of Texas at Austin, an example of a fairly sophisticated project discussing the dangers of texting and driving, entitled "10 and 2, Are You?"

Another example, "Loneliness", was the result of an assignment to create a video adaptation of a poem

Subject Guide

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