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Copyright for Broadcast Newswriting: Exceptions to the Exclusive Rights of the Copyright Holder

Do you have the right to copy?

  • Athough the person who creates a work holds the copyright, there are rights that can be exerted by others when they want to use or copy part of a copyrighted work.  Some of the exceptions that pertain to education and teaching are listed below:

    • Section 107:  Fair Use - If the copying falls under one or more of the 4 fair use factors, it MIGHT be considered a fair use exemption

    • Section 108:  Reproduction by libraries and archives  - Libraries and archives (and their users) have exemptions to make copies of journal articles. small sections of books, etc.  - if the use is going to be held by that individual only, is research related and is not for profit

    • Section 109:  Effect of transfer of particular copy or phonorecord - Allows for owners of a copy or phonorecord to transfer that copy by loan, sale or just giving it away.  Also known as the First Sale Doctrine

    • Section 110:  Exemption of certain performances and displays -  Among other things, allows for display/performance of some works when used in face-to-face instruction. 

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