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Ask A Librarian

THEATRE 301 - Western Theatre History

Day 1: Get Organized!

Eight Simple Steps to Sanity or How to Avoid the "My Dog Ate My Homework" Catastrophe

  1. Create a THET 301 label in your e-mail account.
  2. Use the database e-mail function to send the record to your e-mail or, for a website, send yourself an e-mail with the URL and short description.
  3. Label the e-mail as THET 301.
  4. Create Word documents called THET 301 Subject Summaries, THET 301 Visual Evidence, THET 301 Top 5 List, THET 301 Bibliography, THET 301 Timeline, and THET 301 Historical Figure Biography.
  5. Use the database citing function (if available) to format the record in MLA Style.  For a website, use the MLA style guides on the next tab to create an entry in proper format.
  6. E-mail yourself images or useful URLs AND the information you need to cite that source.
  7. Save your THET 301 documents to your personal computer.
  8. Save a back-up copy on a flash drive or attach it to an e-mail and send it to yourself.

Scholarly Resources Online

Wikipedia is wonderful and Google is great, but sometimes it really is easier to go directly to a scholarly resource.  Many publications are available full-text online through the WVU Libraries.

These are general theatre references that should help you with definitions, short biographies, authoritative background information, etc. 


Ebooks are available on specific theatre topics, too, such as:

To locate e-books on a particular topic:

  1. On the Libraries' homepage, click the Books/Media tab above the center search box.
  2. Type one or two keywords in the search box.  (Don't get fancy here -- just one or two words!)  Hit <return> to search.
  3. Double-check that the Libraries to search pull-down menu is pointing to WVU Libraries.
  4. Uncheck all formats on the left, except ebook.

  1. Now you're left with the puppetry e-books available at WVU.