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Ask A Librarian

THEATRE 301 - Western Theatre History

Some Basics for Effective Research

  1. Determine WHAT you need

  2. Determine WHERE to find it

  3. Determine HOW to retrieve it

3. The HOW

Look for any linked full-text:   or     or 

No full-text option?  Look for the   link.

This will either link you to the full-text or give you a   link.

1. The WHAT

(c) Lin Kristensen, Creative Commons License, 2007  (c) Alan Caplar, public domain, 2008.  (c) Daniel R. Blume, Creative Commons License, 2007.

Do you need SCHOLARLY ARTICLES?  (found in Journals)

Do you need POPULAR ARTICLES?  (found in Magazines)

Do you need NEWS ARTICLES?  (found in Newspapers)

Do you need COMPREHENSIVE SOURCES?  (found in Books)  

Do you need IMAGES?  (found in all the sources above, plus Archives)


2. The WHERE

Here are other good tools for finding information: