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EndNote Online: Advanced Guide: Build Your Database

Create Groups

To create a group (folder):

  1. Logon to EndNote Online
  2. Click on the Organize tab and then Manage My Groups
  3. Click on New Group

Add Citations Manually

  1. Select the Collect tab and then New Reference.
  2. Select the Reference Type from the pull down menu.
  3. Boxes for the fields for that  type of reference will display.
  4. Enter authors as lastname firstname
  5. As you complete the boxes, your reference will be saved

Import from a Saved File

In a database which does not feature direct export*:

  1. Click the boxes to select references
  2. Click the Export button at the top of the citations list
  3. Select the records to export
  4. Save as/Export to a .txt file or .ris file
  5. Remember the name of the file and where it was saved

*Databases from CSA, FirstSearch, Wilson (Readers' Guide Retrospective), and others.

In EndNote Online:

  1. In the Collect tab, click on Import References
  2. Browse for the saved file
  3. In the Import Option: box, display the database you are importing from
  4. In the To: box, select the group where you want your references
  5. Click the Import button

Add Citations from Google Scholar

  1. In Google Scholar, click on Scholar Preferences in the upper right corner.
  2. Select RefMan as the Bibliography Manager
  3. Perform a search
  4. Click on Import into RefMan (you will only be able to import one citation at a time)

Direct Export from Databases

In a database which does feature direct export*:

  1. Click on Add to folder for each reference you want to send to EndNote Online.
  2. Click on Folder View in the right frame or Folder in the masthead.
  3. Select references.
  4. Click the Export button in the right frame.
  5. Click Direct Export to EndNote Online.
  6. Click on Save.

*Databases from Ebsco, Scopus, BioOne and others)

  In EndNote Online

  1. Login to your EndNote Online account if you have not already done so.
  2. Your citation(s) will have been imported automatically into the [unfiled] group.  To move them to another group:
    1. Click on the tab My References
    2. Click on the [unfiled] group
    3. Check the box for All
    4. Use the pull down to display the name of the group

Add Citations from WVU's Catalog

You can bring references directly into your EndNote Web from WVU's Catalog by searching within EndNote Web.  Here's how:

  1. Logon to EndNote Online
  2. Click on the tab Collect
  3. Click on Online Search
  4. Select WVUDB from the pull down menu
  5. Perform a search
  6. Move references to a Group by selecting the boxes and choosing a group from the pull down menu

Add Citations for Web Pages

NOTE: pop-ups must be allowed in your browser for the Capture function to work.

  1. Open a web page you want to reference
  2. Click the Capture button on the EndNote Online toolbar in your browser
  3. Log on to EndNote Online
  4. Use the radio buttons to select EndNote Online in the next window
  5. Review the information for accuracy
    • Select web pages from the Reference Type menu
    • Complete the Access Date field if required for citation styles such as MLA  (dd mon. yyyy)
    • Select a group for the reference to added to
    • Click Save to EndNote Web to finish