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Public Health: Citing Sources & APA

General Guide for WVU Faculty Staff and Students

Plagiarism Tutorial

Plagiarism Tutorial
Welcome to WVU Libraries Plagiarism Tutorial, an educational Web site designed to help you improve your understanding of plagiarism concepts. As a student, you will simply visit this link and take the tutorial and quiz.  At the end of the quiz, you will be prompted to email your scores to your instructors.


Citation Manager Research Guides

What to know how to properly format your sources?  Check out these research guides.

APA Style Guide

MLA Style Guide

Chicago Style Guide

Council of Science Editors

AMA Style


Endnote Can...


• Collect reference information from a wide variety of online databases via direct export, online search, or importing as text files.
• Store up to 10,000 references in your  library, accessible anywhere that you have Internet access.
• Share references with other EndNote users to simplify collaboration.
• Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word to insert references and format citations and bibliographies instantly.  

Features of Zotero

This four minute screencast covers six way to "get" things into Zotero.



Features of Mendeley

This two-minute tutorial highlights the import features of Mendeley 

Features of Endnote

Check Out this 5 Minute Video on Collecting References in EndNote.



Mendeley - In-Text Citations







  1. Position the cursor where you want to insert your first citation and press the Insert Citation button on the toolbar.
  2. The Mendeley Citation Editor popup will appear, allowing you to search your Mendeley library for the appropriate reference. Enter a search term and choose the desired reference from the list of results.
  3. Press Ok to insert a citation to the selected reference.

For additional help, please view this video from Mendeley.

Zotero - In-Text Citations

Inserting and Editing Citations

Place your cursor in the document where you want to insert the citation.  Starts with clicking “Zotero Insert Citation” to open the Quick Format Citation dialog, which allows you to cite items from your Zotero library. When you click this button for the first time in a new document, the “Document Preferences” window opens first. 

Document Preferences

The “Document Preferences” window lets you set the following document-specific preferences:

  1. The citation style.
  2. If you have selected a note-based style (like “Chicago Manual of Style (Note with Bibliography)”), you can choose whether citations are inserted in footnotes or endnotes. Note that the word processor, and not Zotero, controls the style and format of footnotes and endnotes.
  3. The way citations and bibliographies are stored in the document. In Word you can choose between “Field” and “Bookmarks”.  

For additional help, please view this video about Zotero