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Public Health for Public Health Graduate Students: Create a Bibliography/Cite While You Write

Public Health Graduate Seminar PUBH 687 Practicum Proposal PUBH 691 Public Health Internship

Create a Bibliography

  1. Logon to EndNote Web
  2. Click on the Format tab, then Bibliography
  3. Use References: to select the Group
  4. Select the Bibliographic Style
  5. Select the Format for your bibliography
  6. Select Save, E-mail, or Preview and Print
  7. Important!  Be sure to check the bibliography against the style you are using

Cite While You Write

Cite While You Write is a plug-in for Microsoft Word.  It allows you to create in-text citations and a bibliography as you write your paper.

To download the plug-in for Word:

  1. Log on to EndNote Web.
  2. Click on the Options Tab and then Download Installers.
  3. Follow the instructions for your specific operating system, Windows or Mac. 

To begin using Cite While You Write:

  1. Open a new document in Word
  2. Cick on the tab for EndNote Web
  3. Click on Preferences to enter your user name and password as the default logon
  4. In the Preferences box, click on Application and complete the form
  5. Begin typing your paper
  6. When you want to insert a reference, click on Find Citations
  7. Search on an author's name or a topic which is contained in your EndNote Web database
  8. Then click on Insert in the same window
  9. Now a miracle happens, you have an in text citation and a reference in a bibliography
  10. Change the format of the citations and bibliography by changing the Style: in the pull down menu

To learn more, watch the Cite While You Write tutorial.  


Share your references with other researchers in either read or read/write mode. This could be useful for class projects, class reading lists, and group research.

To share a group:

Important points about sharing groups:

  • You can share groups with EndNote Web users at any institution.
  • You can share groups with individuals who have not yet created their EndNote Web account. The group will automatically appear after they've registered and logged in.
  • Groups shared to you do not count against your 500 personal group limit.
  • You can give Read only access to some users and Read & Write access to other users for the same group.
  • If more than one person is editing the same reference simultaneously, the person who saves last will submit the final edits.
  • Users with Read & Write access can edit reference data and remove the reference from the shared group. They cannot delete the reference from the owner's library.
  • References in shared groups can be searched.
  • References in shared groups cannot be copied to your Quick List.
  • Shared groups are available to generate a Bibliography or an export file.

EndNote Web Mobile

EndNote Web has a mobile page for display on your phone.  Type in the address: and then log on.