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Public Health for Public Health Graduate Students: EndNote Web Basics

Public Health Graduate Seminar PUBH 687 Practicum Proposal PUBH 691 Public Health Internship

Set Up an Account

If you already have a Web of Science account, then you've got an ENDNOTE WEB account.


How to create an EndNote Web account:

PLEASE NOTE: You must be on Campus 

 Go to the EndNote Web page  

Click on Signup for an account 

Complete the form using your Mix or Groupwise e-mail

What is it?


EndNote Web is a service designed to help researchers through the process of writing a research paper. It is used to collect and organize references, as well as cite them while writing a paper.  It can also be a powerful collaboration tool.

What will it do for me?


• Quickly and easily collect reference information from a wide variety of online databases via direct export, online search, or importing as text files.
• Store up to 10,000 references in your own password-protected library, accessible anywhere that you have internet access.
• Share references with other EndNote Web users to simplify collaboration.
• Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word to insert references and format citations and bigliographies instantly.