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Public Health for Public Health Graduate Students: Citing Sources, APA & AMA

Public Health Graduate Seminar PUBH 687 Practicum Proposal PUBH 691 Public Health Internship

APA Citation Style Guide

APA Documentation Guide from the University of Wisconsin at Madison

APA from the American Psychological Association

Basic Guide to APA Documentation from West Virginia University Libraries

AMA Citation Style Guide

AMA  Manual of Style Online from the American Medical Association


When to Cite Your Source

Citing your Sources:

  • If you use a Direct Quote
  • if you Paraphrase (change the words and order)
  • If you use Information that is not well-known or seems unusual
  • If you use Direct Statistical Sources

Sources that Must be Cited

Sources with Mandatory Citing Include:

  • Books (includes pages, chapters, or whole book)
  • Journal Articles
  • Web Pages
  • E-mail or Text Messages
  • Newsgroup Postings
  • Blogs
  • Any Other Sources