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Public Health for Public Health Graduate Students: MDConsult

Public Health Graduate Seminar PUBH 687 Practicum Proposal PUBH 691 Public Health Internship


  • Clinical resource containing over 45 major medical books, more than 75 full text journals.
  • Resources facilitate answering clinical questions and keeping current in medicine.
  • Sections include Books, Journals, The Clinics, Patient Education, Drugs, Guidelines, Images, News, and CME.

Access via Internet

  • Any computer which has access to Internet can access MDConsult
  • Click on the Health Sciences Library website then look for the MDConsult hyperlink
  • If your computer is off campus it will ask you to log in
  • MDConsult always regquires an additional log-in to the database
  • Choose your own user name and password for MDConsult.  Please select something unique including both letters and numbers i.e. smith2009
  • If unable to access this site, try again later as it has liited simultaneous users.



  • Help is available on every screen of the program.
  • Please remember to log off when finished, so others can use the database.

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