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Chemistry 401 | Chemical Literature

This guide brings together WVU Libraries resources for the study of chemistry.

Finding U.S. Patents

Patents at WVU

As a U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library, the Evansdale Library receives current copies of U.S. Patents and provides access to USPTO patent and trademark databases. All the tools necessary to perform a preliminary patent or trademark search are available in the library.

The CASSIS database is available for searching patents and trademarks. The DVDs used in conjunction with this database include:
USAPAT      Utility, Design and Plant Patents 1790-present
USAApp      Patent Application files 2001- present
USAMark     Trademarks issued 1870-present

The PubWEST (Web-based Search Tool) as provided in the Public Search Facility (PSF) in Alexandria, Virginia is available by appointment with the Patent Librarian.

Other formats include:

  • Utility Patents: Paper holdings:     
    • Specifications and drawings of patents issued from the United States Patent Office with gaps in holdings, 1871-?     
    • Microfilm Cassettes 1972-1999
  • Design Patents: Microfilm Cassettes 1992-1999.
  • Plant Patents in color from 1931 to present:
    Microfiche holdings 1931 to 1997.
    Paper holdings Nov. 1994 to present.

If you have questions about the U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Library, contact: Marian Armour-Gemmen at: or (304) 293-9758

Finding International Patents