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Film and Video Guide: Film Research and Criticism

Finding video in the library and finding film reviews in databases and on the web.

Scholarly Film Criticism and Reviews

Additional scholarly film criticism can be found in databases that cover such topics as history, communications, women's studies, and others.

Newspaper Film Reviews

Newspaper Reviews are provided by resident film critics who write for general audiences. Most papers offer reviews of current films. Usually documentaries or foreign films are only reviewed in the larger city papers. They are available on the following library databases:

  • Lexis Nexis (Select News, All News, Article Type “Movie Reviews” and place film title in the search box, change in "everywhere" to "headline & lead")
  • Newspaper Source (Is provided by Ebscohost and includes the Dominion Post as well as 28 National and International Newspapers) Example: "Cabin in the woods review".

Popular Web Film Review Sites

Film Reviews are normally written around the time that films are released. These provide information about the film, critical comparisons, audience suitability, and general rating. Reviews can be found in both newspapers, and popular magazines. Websites like Movie Review Query Engine, Internet Movie Database, Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert Film Reviews and Amazon also provide film reviews