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Information Literacy Resources for Faculty and Librarians: Plagiarism Resources

Here are some basics as you begin the Information Literacy Course Enhancement Project (ILCEP.)

WVU Libraries Plagiarism Quiz

You can watch this tutorial, which covers plagiarism basics and some finer points as well,  and then take the quiz as a guest.  If you decide to register your class, students can take the quiz and send the results to you.

See Also the Faculty Toolkit on Information Literacy

The most substantial overview of plagiarism avoidance techniques that we have on the WVU campus was put together by members of the Pyschology faculty several years ago. Its multiple modules with quiz functions are embedded in the Faculty Toolkit for Information Literacy which is located in the Learning Academy portion of eCampus. Select the Getting Started tab in this LibGuide, open the toolkit link, and use your Master ID to get in. Check it out too as you are reviewing all of the resources we offer to help students avoid academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism and How to Avoid It

ULIB 101, the Libraries' one credit course on basic library research, uses a nifty Powerpoint file to point out what plagiarism is and how to steer clear of it. Try it by clicking on the file link below.

A Vision of Students Today

This provocative YouTube video offers a window into 21st-century student life. Michael M. Wesch, a cultural anthropologist at Kansas State University, created this video with students in his Introduction to Anthropology class using information submitted and edited by the students themselves.