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Information Literacy Resources for Faculty and Librarians: Big Picture

Here are some basics as you begin the Information Literacy Course Enhancement Project (ILCEP.)

The 21st Century Information Universe and Us

For us, educators using the 21st century information universe, teaching can be fun, frustrating, or both. Navigating effectively to avoid a raging case of cognitive clutter can lead to high quality, timely, full-text information and knowledge. Or we can have a day when Microsoft Outlook times out as we are writing an important message to a colleague, we encounter broken links for some reason, or the hard drive fails completely and we lose key work.

Planning course content and learning assignments offers the chance to share the ups and downs of continuous, 21st century information environment  learning with students. In some cases we can learn from them while teaching together about the process of research. What our students know and don't know about the Internet and academic work adds significant variables to our challenges.

This LibGuide offers a few resources in different media to encourage creative ideas and experimentation as the Information Literacy Course Enhancement Project (ILCEP) proceeds for its sixth year of operation.

Scaffold of Information Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum from First Year to Graduate Work

What's on the horizon?

It is 2014 and metaliteracy and threshold concepts are the terms under discussion on the national front. By late June new standards are expected. Visit the ACRL site to follow the ongoing discussion.

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