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Ask A Librarian

English 103 Research Guide

Research resources for English 103 students.

Find Editorials in America's News

America's News is a collection of newspapers, including major West Virginia papers, where you can find editorials on current policy, political and other issues.  

1.  Choose West Virginia from the map or menu.

2.  Enter a topic keyword and set for "headline" or for "lead paragraph."

3.  Enter the word "opinion" and set for "all text."  (Sometimes use "editorial" instead of opinion.)

America's News

Find Editorials with EbscoHost (Newspaper Source)

EbscoHost is a collection of databases with access to newspaper, magazine, and journal articles, many full-text. Newspaper Source offers full text for 28 national and international newspapers in addition to over 260 regional newspapers.

  1. Choose Newspaper Source from the database list
  2. Under Document Type, choose Article, Editorial, and Opinion.

CQ Researcher

Provides in-depth reports and analysis on political and social issues, each covering a single theme and providing background information, with regular reports on topics in health, international affairs, education, the environment, technology and the U.S. economy.

Use CQResearcher to find background information and to help narrow your topic and find Pro / Con articles.

Points of View Reference Center

Research paper topics and resources: you can find also find pro and con articles; journal and newspaper articles; links to books; radio & TV transcripts; and images.

Browse by Category or by Topic.