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Biology 117 Lab Assignment: Review Articles

This guide will provide students with resources useful for completing the laboratory assignment.

Review Articles

Review articles summarize the research in a particular topic. Review articles do not present original research, as primary sources do, but merely attempt to bring together all, or the most important, prior research on a topic.

Review articles:

  • provide an overview of the research conducted to the present on a particular topic
  • trace the course of research, identifying significant contributions to the field, and themes in the literature
  • discuss/analyze/compare/contrast the research of different authors working in the same field

Identifying a Review Article

In a Web of Science abstract the document type (Review) will be noted as below:


The content for this page was partially derived from guides created by Maureen Gorman, The College of New Jersey; Jillian Miller, Central Queensland University; and

Remove Review Articles from Results

The databases will help you identify review articles. Look for options such as "Document types" or "Article types" to limit your search results to review articles.  Here is what that looks like in the Web of Science.

Click on more options/values to exclude review articles from your search.