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THEATRE 610 - Research Methods/Dramatic Theory & Criticism

Theatre 610 course guide

Scholarship Is a Conversation

Credit to the University of Washington Libraries

The Information Cycle

Credit to Penn State Libraries

The Information Cycle Viewed As a Timeline

Credit to Adrienne Button-Harmer, Georgia Gwinnett College Library

Homework for Class 1 (prepare ahead and bring to class)

Apply the Information Cycle to a Theatre Production

  1. Choose a play.  (Yes -- any play.)
  2. With your chosen play as the "event," create an information cycle.  Do it in any fashion you prefer that can be saved in PowerPoint.  Also bring a print out of your cycle.

Some points to consider:

  • What/where is the beginning? 
  • What constitutes information?


Continue on to the "Week 1 Preparation, Part 2" tab.  You will be working more with your information cycle.

Subject Guide

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